Sculptor Matti Peltokangas
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Presence is yet one more concept applied in the context of art – lately there has also been talk of ‘absence’ or even the ‘presence of absence’. This often implies the presence of themes and motives, but also the presence of the artist himself. Art is, among any other possible things, also sheer physical work, which in some artworks is more visible than in others, be they paintings or sculptures. Well, if anything warrants to be called ‘presence’ it is craftsmanship. In Peltokangas’ works it is tangibly visible that the stone has been cut by a human hand. The confidence of the thousands and thousands of repetitions is like that of a sketcher – Peltokangas has always also done a lot of drawing – they reflect confidence, but at the same time they reflect the drawer’s sensitivity, a uniqueness of the small nuances, and also the tension caused by the possibility of mistake.

Stone, you see, also has a presence of its own. Peltokangas aims, apart from his own imprint, also to bring out the character and content of the stone, its own particular language of form. Also present is the work process itself, its directness, violence and irreversibility: “Once you remove it, it’s gone”, as Peltokangas himself has put it..“

Otso Kantokorpi in book Matti Peltokangas, 2008